n1. Adda Guppi.

According to a STELE  discovered in 1956 - in Haran (Assyria)
Adda Guppi (649-547 BC) mother of Nabonidus.
 Born in 649 BC the  20th year of Assurbanipal, king of Assyria.
 Lived until the 42nd year. (22 years)
 Until  the  3rd year   of  Assur-etillu-illi,  his son. 
 Until  the  21st year of   Nabopalassar.
 Until  the  43rd year of   Nebuchadnezzar.
 Until  the  2nd year  of   Awel-Marduk.
 Until  the   4th year of   Neriglissar.
 Died in 547 BC the 9th year of   Nabonidus.
 In all:   104 years.
However 2 years have been counted twice, namely  2 years of  Assur-elillu-illi, also included in the 21 years of Nebopalassar.
Because then she moved from Haran to Babylon.

 Remain:  102 years.  An old age in those times, but if we have to add an other 20 years,
according to the chronology of  the WTS,   we come to  122 years . . .  ???

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